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I certify that all the information given is true and undertake to inform Sarada Kindergarten of any changes to the above information. And I agree to the following permission:

  • I give permission for my child to be observed, photographed and/or videoed by Sarada Kindergarten teachers and student teachers for training purposes.
  • I give permission for my child's photograph and artworks to be displayed in our Sarada Kindergarten's portfolio work, newsletter, in-house training materials and publicity materials and DVDs for sale within Sarada. This includes materials placed on our website.
  • I authorize my child to be taken on routine excursions or outings and will not hold the school responsible for any unforeseen mishap/accident. (Ample notice of such excursions or outings will be given to parents.)
  • If I move house and no seat is available in the class (due to a change of session) or a seat on the bus (due to full capacity), the school will not be able to accommodate my child and I have to make alternative arrangements for schooling or transportation.
  • All parents of Nursery children MUST attend the “TRANSITION” Workshop. This workshop is designed to equip parents to help your child/children transit smoothly from home or playgroup to Nursery classes in Sarada.